Fat Girl is the critical voice inside us all. Fat Girl speaks up when she feels vulnerable. When she is sad, rejected and when Fat Girl feels needy. She comes and goes, she isn’t always around. In fact, when life feels dandy weeks and months can go by without hearing from her. But when Fat Girl is around, you’ll know about it! Fat Girl is the anxious part of ourselves who self-doubts. Looking to friendships, relationships, careers she uses her voice when she needs external sources to validate her. 

Fat Girl is simply a person, with feelings. Sometimes, like us all, she feels empowered, she is confident. She believes in herself and knows she is doing the right thing. But, occasionally Fat Girl struggles. She feels afraid, sad and anxious. Sometimes it keeps up at night. She writes a new plan which involves more gym and less carbs. But the truth is that Fat Girl is really craving nourishment through love, acceptance, warmth, security and stability. Fat Girl represents our emotional state. She is our emotional turmoil, our psychological issues, self-destructive habits, judgements and harsh inner critics.

Notably, her appetite is well beyond food. In fact, no amount of food is going to fill her up. Likewise, a clean diet of green juice and quinoa isn’t going to stop her feeling the way she does. Fat Girl’s issues aren’t really about being fat or thin, healthy or toned. Size and bodily composition aren't at the route of her issues. Fat Girl is far more than just her physical being.

Below is the SCOFF questionnaire GP's use to "clarify suspicion" of an eating disorder. A score of 2 or more positive answers is a positive screen. Have a go at the test, I think it's quite shocking how ordinary these questions are, particularly question 3 and 5. I know a lot of girls and women who would answer positively to those questions. This is just some food for thought - at how normalised our disordered eating issues are. I hope we can all work together and use Fat Girl as a space to destruct these anxieties, changing the conversation and raising greater awareness for these mental health issues.




  • Do you ever make yourself Sick because you feel uncomfortably full?

  • Do you worry you have lost Control over how much you eat?

  • Have you recently lost more than One stone in a three month period?

  • Do you believe yourself to be Fat when others say you are too thin?

  • Would you say that Food dominates your life?

Two more questions have been added for possible Bulimia assessment.

  • Are you satisfied with your eating patterns?

  • Do you ever eat in secret?

*Please note Fat Girl is only here for knowledge and support, if you think you need help with eating disorder issues, please visit BEAT, an eating disorder charity with medical experts