We want to hear from you!

Fat Girl wants friends. Knowing all too well, the lonely and isolated environment feeling like fat girl creates, Fat Girl want this to be a community; a safe space where we can all openly talk about our experiences and feelings about our bodies and food. The only rule is that we do not judge, and thus, this online platform is of comfort for anyone who is in need. In Fat Girl's experience, the online can offer a very nourishing and comforting space for those who have faced adversity, and so, we would like to manifest a caring and kind environment.

Fat Girl wants to hear anything from you. If you have been on a diet and failed. If you want to lose weight. Have lost weight. If you have struggled with anxiety. If you love your body. If you hate it. If you feel indifferently. Fat Girl, simply wants to be a space where we are all able to speak freely about our often very suffocating and destructive inner self.

NB! We may share your story for future Fat Girl projects and articles. If you would rather remain anonymous, please email Fat Girl your story to and she will submit on your behalf. :)