Once upon a time...

“It’s estimated British women who diet spend on average 31 years of their lives trying to lose weight.” Super Skinny Me on Channel 4 in 2007

Every fortnight we will explore cross-cultural attitudes and historical perceptions of the body. Sometimes it’s hard to see beyond social media.The glossy girls of the magazines, the bami legs of the catwalk, the juicy bums of instagram and the doe eyed beauty campaigns. It’s hard, if you feel like you don’t quite fit in.

Some cultures like saggy boobs

Although the recent H&M campaign made an attempt at diversity, it felt novel. What feels

  • Intro - we will explore different attitudes.

  • History - Rubens - artists - painting - monroe (debateable) - Christianity and fasting

  • Culture - cross-cultural - Fat is obsession - China - food binding -

  • The issue with this particular photoshopping example is they all look relatively similar to me.

Fat symbolised wealth and power