Fat Girl is for anyone who has ever felt their body is not good enough, and thought that losing some weight or dieting might solve their problems. Fat Girl is not necessarily “fat.” She doesn’t need to be overweight, she might be really quite slim, and toned. We believe it is actually normal girls with normal weights who need Fat Girl’s help. The amalgamation of societal pressures has resulted in a female obsession with perfection - we not only need to be as smart and successful as boys, but we must still maintain a slim, pretty - culturally acceptable physique. There is evidence to suggest that as a society develops, both economically and politically, the rise of eating disorders increase. What this means, is that the more pressure placed on us as subjects of a broader scheme, the greater the need to sustain or abide by the cultural beauty ideal.

This isn't about size

It may seem as though things are changing - body positive is having a moment, and Kim Kardashian has made curves attractive. However, Fat Girl believes that as females our bodies have, across time and culture, been dictated by a broader agenda. The very fact that women need a body positive moment, and Kim Kardashian, a very successful business woman, is still defined by the ability to control, sculpt and perfect her body should make us aware of this injustice.

We all have an inner fat girl

As we explore in the dieting and clean living section, the very fact that women’s magazines are dominated by health (clean eating), beauty and exercise columns confirms the need for Fat Girl. Women live their whole lives believing they should control their bodies, to fit whatever the current cultural ideal is, and until they conform to it, they should shut up and stop eating.