Here are some resources for eating disorder and mental health charities. (For emergies I'd reccomend contacting the Samartians and Beat)

Beat (an eating disorder charity, with a helpline.)

National Centre for Eating Disorders

Be Real 



We need a drop down menu so then we can have these topics:


1.  List of medical professional, platforms and etc which can help you (NB. Fat Girl is merely an adverisory platform. She is not a medical professional, if you need more serious attention...)

2. The Fat Girl Reading List (with forum discussion and emphasis on why reading is so important for recovery)

3. Tips, Help and Recovery Recommendations

- Mindfulness

- Meditation

- Mindful eating

- Ditching the diet

- Yoga

- Exercise

- Walking 

- Writing 

- Therapy

- Medication

- Empathy