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This platform is about getting us in touch with our emotions. Fat Girl wants to understand how your body makes you feel. How you feel in your body. Is like your home? Warm, soft and nourishing? Or is it painful? Are you at constant war with your aches and pains? Does it feel a chore to live in your body? Do parts feel heavy to carry around? Sometimes I feel solid, thick, big and large. I feel as though I couldn’t fit anything more in my body. It feels full. When it feels full, it feels closed and finished. It’s like I have no movement left in it. When I feel this way,  I just can't be bothered with life. I want to quit, leave early, run away from responsibility or commitment or simply anywhere with lots of people. This makes me feel anxious; anxious in body and anxious in mind! 

How do I feel? Can you locate it? Does my body hurt? My rolls? My upper back? Heavy boobs? Do my toes hurt? Or the spot on my chin? Am I feeling tired today? That tiredness that lingers in both muscles and in bones, it can't be escaped. We carry it around with us and it makes us grumpy, moody, sad. We all know the feeling!  

Fat Girl wants you to reflect on your emotional experiences, the sensations in your body, or the thoughts in your mind. Fat Girl would love for you to explore your feelings, don't feel afraid to express them! Contact us to tell us your experiences of your body/ dieting/ body image!