"I ate too much"

Fat Girl wants to be a platform for us to share our often painful and destructive experiences of living in a body. As a network, we are hoping to explore the banal, everyday voices in our minds which are often scathing, aggressive and painful to hear. Fat Girl wishes to refine societal attitudes towards the body, fat, size and our often destructive relationship with food and dieting. Fat Girl wants to help anyone and everyone from those who have punished themselves with restrictive dieting to those who thought negatively of their body size to those who have been diagnosed with eating disorders. Fat Girl is all about sharing and connecting. Together, we are building a sense of community based around topics which once separated, isolated and caused us all much anxiety. Fat Girl needs you to speak up and start fat talk.

"I need to exercise"

Haven't we all looked in the mirror, at least once in our lives, and heard these negative voices, where the word "fat" acts a critic of not only the physical self, but of a broader sense of self. In Fat Girls experience feeling, being or looking "fat" means feeling out of control. The feeling of "fat" on her body was the embodiment of a lack of empowerment, security, authenticity, stability, comfort, love and a host of other emotional needs.


"I look so fat"

Fat Girl wants to get us talking, get comfortable with talking about our fat anxieties. We hope that in manifesting this conversation, we can help Fat Girls around the world beginning to deconstruct their bodily woes, and starting to find a peaceful home in themselves.