Fat Girl is fed up of the negative connotation of the word fat. Fat Girl wants to be defined beyond the levels of fat in her body, she is more than the pounds she wants to lose, the rolls, the layers of thickness, emotional eating, binging, purging. Fat Girl wants to change the perception of fat - fat for Fat Girl is simply a layer of protection, of comfort, fat is her emotional substance. In bringing a community together, to share their fat, their emotional experiences, Fat Girl wishes to redefine cultural interpretation of fat.

Fat has a bad name!

Likewise, social perceptions of Girl are often limiting and feed into a bounded gendered definition of who a girl is. Fat Girl wishes to identify as everything beyond her socially rejected status as a fat girl. Body positive campaigns which celebrate “#bellyjelly” are patronising. Fat Girl believes what we need to see beyond these stereotypes, the alternative to Gigi Hadid is NOT #bellyjelly!

We are on a mission to change the face of fat

We must work towards understanding further what our interpretation of fat on our bodies, and instead come to see women defined BEYOND the subject of their bodies and layers of fat. Fat Girl is body positive, she want to be a space community space where anyone and everyone can explore some of their issues. Most significantly Fat Girl wants us to move to seeing who we are creatures of emotional and psychological substance.