Fat Girl is on a mission to debunk diet myths and stop diet culture. We have a very strong anti-diet policy here at Fat Girl, because diets do not work! Weight loss may result in the short-term but most diets are unsustainable over longer periods of time, and research shows 95% of dieters regain the weight they lose within 1-5 years. If you've been on a perpetual diet or often restrict certain food groups, you are in the right place! Healing our broken relationships with food isn't simply, but it's very possible.

Here at Fat Girl, we believe food is WAY MORE than just fuel. From childhood we built important relationships with certain foods, providing us with great comfort, meaning and often a sense of identity. That is to say, this is a space to not only dispel pseudoscience and look at legitimate nutritional advice but we would also like to explore our social, cultural and emotional relationships with food and diets.

"Designer diets" are those which we follow because of an attached to a certain social status, just like a designer bag or pair of sunglasses might gift us with a greater sense of  identity. Certain diets such as "clean eating" are en vogue and therefore adoption of such eating plans appear to have a magical power. By controlling what we put into our bodies, detoxing and cleansing, we are lead to believe these diets will make us more virtuous subjects and enhance our lives. These designer diets are, of course, false ideology which result in our damaged relationships to food, and chaotic feelings of bodies. Here at Fat Girl, we hope to explore such anxieties and help you make peace with these issues.